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Friday, June 17, 2011


Between love and hate,
transition is the state
flipping like a tossed coin
with contemplation in mind;
whether to sustain the  love
that tormented the tender heart
or detest that deteriorating love
and abandon it forever.


  1. nice thoughts and also a very beautiful representation..i love the way u arranged your page...

  2. Transition is the state of mind which will abandon, detest & deteriorate love as well as hatred. with contemplation in mind you can sustain the love or abandon it forever or viceversa.

    Few things in life are only temporary and after all life in itself is temporary and nobody has control over it. Let us be like the water which flows blindly and reaches the ocean eyes wide open.

    Meanwhile why waste time in hating others no matter whoever it is... to be continued

  3. If you have to chose between both, i would recommend Love which is positive in most of its ways. It will make the person who is spreading love happier too :).
    Very nicely put and good choice of words. They bring the depth of the thought right into the reader's mind.

  4. @ sargu & yesh,

    thats an expression of an idea..i didnt take sides..i hv only tried to capture a very specific phase of dilemma...

    I know that it is temporary and i will at any point choose love over hate...I don hate abybody!


  5. there is no dilemma in it...only fear of commitment ....wen v hav choice btwn love and hate..wat do v choose?/ ;-)

  6. @sumanth fear of commitment...u r rite..sometimes, committing to love can also be fearful..wen we hv a choice..its esy...if u don hv a choice?

  7. An eternal dilemma. Sometimes I feel it'd b better if we din have the apparatus to sense loss.