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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Liar are you?

Few days ago my friend insisted I have a look at her new apparel that she had shopped for her cousin’s wedding. She displayed a huge heap of clothes and other accessories in front of me and left the room to get us some tea. While I was checking the clothes I felt they were gaudy, heavy and not very appealing though very expensive. After giving me enough time to make my observations, she walked in with some coffee and snacks. Then, she asked how I liked them and without any hesitation I said, “Wow! Great collection and fine designs! You will absolutely look gorgeous with them and believe me you are going to rock many hearts ;) ” And gave a broad pleasing smile to make my statements seem authentic. On the spur of the moment my conscience barked, “You liar. Now stop with that. Finish your coffee and get out of here”. I followed the instructions. I said “bye” and left her place.

On my way back home, I tried to convince my conscience by saying that it was my choice and intention to lie, “Dear conscience, please take no offence for unnecessary unimportant matter and make me feel guilty all the time”, but in vain. So, there was an internal debate between my conscience and my conscious for about half an hour and as a moderator I finally concluded, “I am a liar”.

The discussion didn’t end there. I was haunted with this conflict for a few more days and came up with a guilt-free theory called ‘What liar are you?’ According to this, I thought liars fall under three categories depending on the seriousness of the lie. The first one is where a person tells a lie for his/her personal advantage ignoring the serious consequences. More like a lie intended to deceive another person or organization. This may hurt or upset the other party. The second one is where a person lie on a not-so-serious issue and often the intention is not to make others feel anxious or bad about something. More like a momentary thing where the effect is not carried forward. The third one is where a person lies and the victim is completely aware that he/she is telling lies. This is very instant and might not have any intention to lie neither have anything to do with the trust or sentiment of the other. This is a clean lie mostly intended for fun.

Now, I call the first type as black liars, the second type as grey liars and the third type as white liars. I ultimately succeeded in bringing my conscience and conscious to an order by confessing, “I am a grey liar”

What liar are you? :)