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Monday, September 21, 2009

Smile Please!

The first time when I closely saw an SLR camera, I only knew it was huge and heavy. My neighbours owned it. I was invited for their son’s birthday party. Throughout the celebration the only thing that appealed me was the camera! I firmly wanted to touch, examine and if possible manage to click a photograph. Though my introversive traits imply hesitation; my concealed interest urged haste. With lot of effort I finally managed to hold the camera and my neighbour was instructing me how to look from the view-finder before taking a picture; there I could see few green lines (that was all I knew then). Then I quickly pressed the shutter release button for after all I might lose that chance. Later when the pictures were developed my neighbour made a point to show me the first photograph I have ever taken and frankly it was good. Then I was only about ten.

Since then my curiosity for photography continued. Still not sure if that was the love for the camera, clicking pictures, photographs or posing ;)

But then I never got an opportunity to handle an SLR. Even then, I certainly did not give up! Kodak KB10 was like a pride possession. My silly passion drove me as crazy as to have around thousands of pictures today. Fortunately, when I started going to the college, I had a few friends who cooperated for this venture. Thanks to them!

I was excited when photography was part of my syllabus during my post graduation. I still remember my first five pictures as a to-be-professional photographer: a Gulmohar branch, bark of a huge tree, crows perched on deers, the face of a huge bull and a row of trees. Working on a Canon SLR was thrilling yet not very easy. Focus, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, rule of thirds, pan, zoom, etc, etc was the jargon. Once there was a moment when I literally hated photography for it became more of a pressure than a pleasure. Whatsoever, I assume I have only mastered 75% of photography (as I got 75% marks in that course).

Today, Digital cameras have changed the fate of photography. The world photography has almost shifted to digital and I was no exception. Now it’s much beneficial as we don’t spend too much money getting a film, developing it and carefully pasting them into an album. I need not get disappointment for bad pictures as there is always a next change. With this blessing, I just click every possible moment to arrest it in my cam. For, this mania of mine, my friends hate me when I take my cam out of my bag.

I believe photographs can make an ordinary day an occasion. After all, today’s photographs are tomorrow’s memories; that are cherished forever. Always face it with a smile! :)