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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waiting for ‘the day’

I have always noticed that is there is something called ‘the popular’, attached to interest, opinion, thought, belief and approach. That was easy to understand as I configured it to be a coincidence that a group of people have it in similar. What I do not seem to understand is, how ‘the popular’ becomes ‘the dominant’. What I can never understand is how ‘the dominant’ could become ‘the best’ and therefore ‘the ideal’.

All these popular heads, for the simple reason that they are more in number, begin to dominate and spread their ideas; and this unified group of people is what we probably started calling ‘a society’. It is from here that we start sensing that society and we are two different entities.  This feeling could be a clear indication of desperation. From then onwards, all the important decisions we take, society will definitely be one of the major concerns that might influence our decision. I only wonder how a group of people with a different opinion but large in number be a gauge to measure the quality of an individual choice or opinion. How could that individual thought which is completely personal be branded as incorrect? 

Society appears to be playing a major role in our lives and all of us have been victims of it at some point of our life. As a school student you cannot choose to learn at your own pace. If you dare to do so, you will be looked down by your teachers, classmates, parents and importantly neighbors (altogether a society), who thinks every child should be bright at studies. A society would be shocked if you show even slightest signs of interest in sports or music or painting or film making as a serious career option. Some societies would not mind killing you to death if they feel you are transgressing the tradition by intending to marry someone who is not part of your ethnicity. Another society may strongly discourage you if you settle down for a small job in your hometown even if you are hundred percent happy with it. It is needless to say what a small job is!  A lot of things in your life have been stereotyped for you.

I have only seen society making your situation more stressful. It can never welcome novelty.  All the time it is alert to point fingers at the change you are trying to make. I have heard a lot of people say, “I don’t like to do it, but I’m forced to do it”, under extreme pressure. It is not very easy to just do whatever a person likes leaving behind what the rest would think of it. But I think it has to end somewhere, where each individual is respected for what they are and not because they are what the society wants. To stop this external interference, first we should start accepting the differences in each person and accept them as they are. Every person is unique and has an individual interest, opinion, thought, belief and approach. By developing mutual respect for individuals for their uniqueness would, according to me, be ‘the ideal’.

I hope there comes a day, where society accepts every person despite their individual ideas. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011


At the end of the day
I have something more to do
All the way
I have done something not so true