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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


While I was still struggling with my annual examinations in the late April, I watched my neighbours playing shuttle. They were students of class X and they completed their exams. How can they finish so early when young children are still preparing hard for their exams in that hot summer? I dreamt of moving quickly to class X, which took me five years from then.

6th…7th...8th...9th...and finally 10th :) Wow! I can play shuttle when other students study. But I do remember how getting to march was a torture. Study hours, assignments, notes, extra classes, advanced material, important questions, daily tests and no holidays! Everyday during my extra classes, I happened to see young children playing and jumping with joy. I wanted to go back to those young days but soon realised it not possible. I was only waiting for March to be done with all the pain. One fine day I realised, I finished my exams. But I had no time to exclaim the relief as the next step was in line.....College!! Having watched many films I was waiting for those fun filled college life.

Its Teen Time...Intermediate! The two years. The starting days of college life...all excited! A residential college... friends and fun...no one behind you to actually make you do everything... However hated those study hours, Eamcet, the boring food, long queues to make a phone call, seniors, wardens, irritating announcements on the speaker. As at every level, the hard times started. But this time, it was not study or play that pained me. It's different! All my thoughts were about Home- Mom, Dad, Sis, the cozy lifestyle, the love and affection and that care…I wished I could stay at home and go to school everyday. I strongly didn't want to do engineering; then why did I go there?! What did I want to do next? I didn't know many options as engineering and medicine were the only options we knew. Out of many options by my dad gave; I finally chose to do English Literature in (Ethiraj)Chennai.

Now, it’s more than new and different. Missing home became a part of living as new challenges came up. Alien state, unknown people, new friends, weird language! I felt separated in this strange place. Slowly, I got used to all the novelty. I liked every course except mine. Psychology! Visual Communications! Nutrition and Diet! BBA! BCS! BBM! I wanted to do one those ‘sounds interesting’ courses. Therefore I decided I will choose one of these for my post graduation.

Masters in Communication….Ah! For the first time I was doing what I liked and really enjoyed it. Surprisingly, I experienced no problems. Wow course! One of the best colleges! Beautiful campus(MCC)! Amazing class mates! Charming seniors! Sweet faculty! Good food and accommodation! What more do I want? But whenever I saw working professionals, I admired them-the formals, the identity, the attitude and the attention they enjoyed. When will I start working and start earning and start spending on my wish & will? 

Now with a PR firm- started working, started earning, not really spending on my wish & will. My working hours are between 9 and 5 unlike college/school where you spend all day in class and at home no choice but to do assignments/homework. Gradually when there is pressure working towards deadlines, will leave office as late as 9 pm, the time I usually finish dinner and relax. Next day when I start to office I look at gloomy students going to school/college. Now, I know what’s on their mind and ofcourse mine: The wish of not being what you are!