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Friday, October 12, 2012

Living the Moment

It was a vast lush green land surrounded with huge snow-capped mountains. The sun was just up and I could feel the chilly breeze. The entire scene was filled with soothing silence.  I was mesmerized by the captivating beauty of the sight and stood still for a while. After a few minutes of admiration, I stepped forward and walked through the misty grass.

As the panorama unfolded, I could see a lonely bench at a distance. I leisurely reached the bench, sat down and took a deep breath. I started rejoicing the whole experience.  It was solitary bliss in an enthralling land. It was an experience that can make you forget everything and anything. Just as I was getting comfortable, I heard some loud music. I was shocked! Before I could think of anything strange, my mind recognised the music. A familiar music in an alien land!! I quickly turned around to discover the mystery. What I saw now was utterly invalidating from what I saw till then.

It was a compact dark room and I was on the bed. I realized that the music from my mobile is alarming louder and louder trying to wake me up from a long time. With slight annoyance, I reached my phone to dismiss the alarm. Looking at the time, I was worried I will be late for work. Then, I quickly jumped out of bed and rushed to finish my regular household work. When I am in a hurry, it is quite inevitable for me to look at the clock every few minutes, as we constantly attempt to run along with the clock, if not faster. Now all set to go, and so I gathered all the things I remember to carry- packed lunch, dropped mobile in the bag, plugged in my ear phones, locked the door and set off.

Fifteen minutes later, I got an auto. All short roads to office were blocked and the entire traffic hits the main road. The traffic was so bad that the auto driver told me, “Madam, you will reach office tomorrow.”  Even after so much of battling with time, I was going to be late. Now that I knew I would be late, I wanted to know how many minutes would that be. Today, it was the watch that I forgot from the things in remember to carry list.  The same laziness that insisted me to sleep for a few extra minutes wanted to say something again. Now, it said, “Do not bother to dig your bag and pull out that phone to just check the time.” Like always, I obeyed. Meanwhile, all my favorite songs in my music player kept me engaged and gradually took me to a gentle world amidst that chaotic traffic. Finally, I reached my destination.

When I entered the office, I was pleasantly surprised to see the time. I was certainly late, but definitely not as late as I thought I would be. The travel through the traffic wasn’t as bad as I presumed. It was quite a stress-free travel. Not keeping track of every random minute of the hour, is probably the only reason that helped me stay cool throughout. If I had to keep looking at my watch and count every minute, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the music and the travel. This was in fact a relief that allowed me to live that moment.

Without having to worry about the time, all the time, will absolutely take away a lot of forced rigidity from our lives. Just imagine! Isn’t that relaxing?